Our History

A group of men, devoted leaders in their respected communities, with an insight of a needed organization, that informed its fellow volunteer members of issues relative to the fire service and social interaction during a developing time of early 1900’s.

On a strong connection between states by the railroad, the old Erie Railroad line served as the means in which these founders and membership would grow. This means of transportation serviced this organization well from meeting to meeting for many years to come as a connecting branch.

Organizational records show the association was informally started in 1913 as talks between a small group of community servants from both New Jersey and New York discussed formation and on March 27, 1914 a permanent association was formed with roots in counties of Bergen (NJ) and Rockland (NY).

This group of visionaries met at the home of the Volunteer Fire Department in Park Ridge, New Jersey. Here plans and ideas for the organization were discussed, and documented, with strong fundamentals forming a sound foundation. The original membership at the first meeting was Park Ridge, Westwood, Hillsdale, Spring Valley and Pearl River. The purpose of this first meeting was to form a leadership group and a recruitment of all volunteer fire companies along the New Jersey and New York Railroad, from North Hackensack, New Jersey to Spring Valley, New York.

During the past century of service to its membership the organization has sponsored many progressive fire service related ideas, such as the formation of each counties fire academies, each known as the best facilities to offer.

The first convention and parade held by Spring Valley Hook & Ladder Company, Spring Valley, New York, July 25,1914.

The first Firemen’s Day contest at the Bergen County Fair, September 18th, 1915

The formation of the Ladies Auxiliary of the NJ & NY Volunteer Firemen’s Association, on April 6th 1925.

The publishing of the fire service newsletter the “Signal” since the early 1960’s

The awarding of many dollars of student scholarships for the continuation of their education.

The giving of gift cards program for residents of our counties that have been displaced and lost their possessions to fire to get a new start.

The publishing of the “Signal” the organizations newsletter has provided sharing of ideas, the gathering of issues and developing of solutions that affect the fire service

Today in 2013 the New Jersey and New York Volunteer Firemen’s Association prospers with the latest fire service informational gathering to influence in the future.

The Centennial Celebration with our original membership influence of the Convention June 7th in Spring Valley, New York, and the Parade connecting Pearl River, New York with Montvale, New Jersey on June 8th 2013.

For Centennial Celebration we wish all the associated fire companies, officers, members, delegates and guests an enjoyable time as in the past gala events, dances, carnivals, parades, field day competitions and conventions to enjoy with the continued brotherhood and friendship of these two states, these two the counties, that we reach across, to strengthen the volunteer fire service with mutual association of these gatherings.