Ladder Company Operations
First Due Ladder Co.

First Due Ladder Co.  Note at the bottom of this article are links to related articles.

FDNY’s Forcible Entry Manual                     FDNY Ladder Co. Operations & Assignments                      FDNY Portable Ladders 1 Video                    FDNY Portable Ladders 2 Video                     FDNY Portable Ladders 3 Video                    FDNY Portable Ladders 4  Video                     FDNY Portable Ladders 5 Video                            VES – Vent Enter Search                          Ladder Company Operations
 Engine Company Operations
The Engineman’s Bible by Andy FREDERICKS                                 Deuce and a half hose-line                   Video comparison of the smooth bore vs. the combination nozzle                       Video on smooth bore nozzle                           Video on working with the smooth bore nozzle                     Video of Engine Company stretching and operating 2 1/2′ line on a fully involved private dwelling        Slide Show of Engine Company Operations                           Use of 2 1/2″ hose line                            Pre-Connected Hoselines               Drill guide line for stretching & operating the deuce and a half                The 3 R’s for the Engine Company     1 of 3            The 3 R’s for the Engine Company      2 of 3             The 3 R’s for the Engine Company       3 of 3